26 May 2015

OOC Update: Busy busy busy

Hey everyone!

As I told you before, I'm very busy with a lot of things. I just don't have time to build things and upload stuff. I haven't been at home for the last three weekends, because I've been to Luxemburg, a campsite with my church because of ascension day and penecost-conference Opwekking. I'm having three piano performances in two weeks: june 13 (with all my piano teacher's students), 14 (at the church) and 21 (together with the band I'm in). And, of course, I have a lot of homework and the school's testweek is coming soon.
So I hope I'll be able to upload anything anytime soon, but don't count on it.


3 May 2015

OOC Update: What is going on here?

Hey guys,

I want to tell you what's all going on behind the bricks. I'm very busy doing work for school. I haven't touched any Lego piece for a long time! But a vacation of one week started yesterday, so now I finally have time to work on Mocs, Stop-Motions and other things.
I'm going to upload less Lego News post. It just takes me just too much time to keep it all up-to-date and to find good images and descriptions.
All our Lego stuff is at the attic: one big city, boxes full of bricks and a huge mess. Jesse and I are cleaning it all up, and moving it all to a better place at the other side of the room. We're also selling some stuff at Marktplaats (the dutch Ebay). We sold our Lego train recently, including a lot of rail pieces and a train station, because it took too much room and we didn't use it very often.
So guys, I'll probably upload a new The Hobbit Moc in a few days, and we're working on more!
But I'm pretty often online at my Google+ profile +Ezra Frankema. And my posts are not just about Lego, but I'm also showing drawings, photos, stuff about my favourite movies and books and much more! And if you want, you can contact me at Hangouts. ;)

See you later!

7 March 2015

Lego MOC - Movie Posters

These are some of my favourite movies of 2014 and 2015. I recreated their movie posters in Lego.
Do you like them? Would you like to see a making-of? Or do you have a suggestion for what movie I can recreate next? Please comment :D

The Hobbit, the Battle of the Five Armies

The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 1


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

13 February 2015