23 November 2013

Thanks everybody!!!

Hello everybody,

First I want to say: At the beginning, I thought really nobody would visit my website, except my friends. But after one month, this website already has got 344 pageviews! So, thanks everybody for all the pageviews you give to this website!!!

A few days ago, a friend told me I had to post more MOC's (My Own Creations). But I'm very busy with homework and stuff, so I don't have much time to build things. But I promise: shortly I will post some MOC's.

I'm not a LEGO professional. So if you've got advice for me or you want to say something about my messages, please leave a reaction!!!



22 November 2013

Turkey Jerky

The official LEGO Youtube Channel has posted a new video. I really love the stop-motion, it looks beautiful!

LEGO Juniors

 LEGO is going to make LEGO Juniors sets in 2014. These sets are easy to build and especially for small kids which want to play with LEGO. 

Spider-Man: Spider-Car Pursuit 10665

Digger 10666

Construction 10667

Princess Play Castle 10668

Race Car Rally 10673

Police - The Big Escape 10675

21 November 2013

LEGO Movie, meet the characters!

Here below, you can see some official LEGO Movie video's about important characters.

Meet Emmet

Meet Wyldstyle

Meet President Business

Meet MetalBeard

Meet Batman

Click here to see the official LEGO Movie Main Trailer

LEGO Friends 2014 part 2

Another LEGO Friends 2014 sets:

Sunshine Harvest 41026

Hearthlake Juice Bar 41035

Stephanie's Beach House 41037

Sunshine Ranch 41039

Click here to see part 1.
Click here to see part 3.

LEGO Ninjago Desctructoid

Another LEGO Ninjago 2014 set has appeared:

Destructoid 70726

Click here to see the other Ninjago 2014 sets.

16 November 2013

LEGO Movie Posters

City 2014

LEGO City theme will continue in 2014 (as I already expected). Here you can see some images.

Crook Pursuit 60041

High Speed Police Chase 60042

Prisoner Transport 60043

Mobile Police Unit 60044

Police Patrol 60045

Helicopter Surveillance 60046

Police Station 60047
Race Car 60053

Light Repair Truck 60054

Tow Truck 60056

Camper Van 60057

SUV with Watercraft 60058

Logging Truck 60059

Auto Transporter 60060

Star Wars 2014

Death Star Troopers 75034

Kashyyyk Troopers 75035

Utapau Troopers 75036

Battle on Saleucami 75037

Jedi Interceptor 75038

V-Wing Starfighter 75039

General Grievous' Wheel Bike 75040

Vulture Droid 75041

Droid Gunship 75042

AT-AP 75043

Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon 75045

Batman 2014

The Penguin Face Off 76010

Man-Bat Attack 76011

The Riddlers Chase 76012

LEGO Hero Factory, Invasion from Below

The Hero Factory theme will continue next year. Now including a kind of minifigures!

Stormer Freeze Machine 44017

Furno Jet Machine 44018

Rocka Stealth Machine 44019

Flyer Beast vs. Breez 44020

Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo 44021

Evo XL Machine 44022

14 November 2013

LEGO Creator 2014

Power Digger 31014

Emerald Express 31015

Sunset Speeder 31017

Highway Cruiser 31018

Forest Animals 31019

Twinblade Adventures 31020

Furry Creatures 31021

Turbo quad 31022

Mountain Hut 31025