3 November 2013

LEGO Movie sets

In my previous post, you can see a trailer from the LEGO Movie.
But there are coming LEGO Movie sets too! Here below you can see some images.

Fool's Palace (70803)

Supermotor Pursuit (70808)

Lord Business' Hideout (70809)

Also coming:
- Escape Gilder (70800)
- Melting Room (70801)
- Pursuit (70802)
- Ice Machine (70804)
- Waste Crusher (70805)
- Castle Cavalry (70806)
- Metalbeard's Duel (70807)

LEGO Minifigures 12 is also about the LEGO Movie. 

And of course, there's also coming a video game from the LEGO Movie.

I can't waith until february 2014...

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