23 December 2013

Lego Ranger's Apprentice

Here is my first image of Lego Ranger's Apprentice (click on the image for a bigger fiew).

This MOC is after the amazing book series 'Ranger's Apprentice' written by John Flanagan.
Ranger's Apprentice is about the 15 year old boy Will. He grew up in the orphanage of Castle Redmont in the kingdom of Araluen. He thinks his father was a brave knight, so he want to be a knight too. But he's too small. Only the ranger Halt wanted to take him as his apprentice. The rangers are mysterious people with grey-green mottled cloaks, so they can walk around without being seen. They're also very good archers. But when Halt is teaching Will, the evil lord Morgarath is preparing for war. The kingdom of Araluen is in great danger...

More creations are coming soon.