18 January 2014



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6 January 2014

Lego Movie Summer Sets

In August 2014, more Lego Movie sets are coming. And finally, Lego is making a Benny minifigure!!!

Police Dropship
Including Batman, Emmet, Johnny Thunder (!!!), Green Ninja and two Robo SWAT's

Emmet's Construction Mech
Including Emmet, Angry-Kitty, Skeletron and Lord Business

Benny's Spaceship 
Including Benny, Wyldstyle and Astro-Kitty

MetalBeard's Sea Cow
Including (Miniature) MetalBeard, Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, Benny, Queasy Kitty, the Double-Decker Couch and a Cow

the Lego Movie SigFig creator

Warner Bros, the creator of the Lego Movie has made an awesome app. You can make your own SigFig and put it in the Lego Movie Trailer. It is great fun! Here below you can see my results. Try it yourself!