27 February 2014

Good Morning Apartment!

After watching the LEGO Movie and a lot of trailers, Thomas and I (Ezra) built Emmet's apartment. Thomas and Ezra built the apartment itself together from 5771 Hillside House and Ezra built the futurine.

Watching TV

Reading the instructions

The Kitchen (including a stove, a furnace, a frying pan, a sink and a glass jar)

An edited image of Emmet's TV: 'Honey, Where are my Pants?'

If you want to see Emmet's apartment in the movie, watch this video.


  1. Nice job guys!
    My son and I built the entire interior apartment over this last summer, and it's about 90% accurate to the movie, including custom graphics stickers for all the posters. On the back end we built the coffee shop...

    1. Wow yours is really good! I just supported it!