29 March 2014

Lego Volkswagen T1 Classical Van

Hi everybody! 
The last MOC was a long time ago, so we have here a brand new made MOC! This is a Volkswagen T1, also known as the Volkswagen Classical Van or just Volkswagen Van. On the front, there's a real Volkswagen-logo, from the Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220), so it's a real Volkswagen T1 Van on Minifig's Scale (including a hippie)!

23 March 2014

Discover the World of Bricks

Hello everybody,

On my website, you can see a lot of Lego stuff. But the most important reason why I made my own website is to show my creations. I really hope you enjoy them!
That reason is just why Joeri started with WorldOfBricks. My friend Joeri Ridder now got his own website. A beautiful website (not blogspot or something), and he's going to show you a lot of Lego stuff! Please visit Worldofbricks.net. Enjoy!!!