27 April 2014

Review: 375 Castle

Welcome to my first review!

Lego 375 Castle is the first Lego Castle set ever. It was sold for about 6 years, from 1977 to 1983. The set contains 779 pieces, mainly yellow. 375 Castle is the last appearance of the 1x1x1 window pieces.
My 375 Castle set has some missing stickers, I'm sorry!

20 April 2014

'He has risen, just as He said.'

At easter, a lot of people celebrate the beginning of spring. They think easter is about eggs and bunny's. But I don't. I celebrate this at easter: the rising of Jesus.
All people make mistakes and we all do bad things. Everybody, except God and his son, Jesus. Because of our sins, Jesus came to the earth. He healed people and told them about his father. But at the friday before easter, he was captured and killed by crucifixion. But he hasn't done anything wrong. But after three days, he was risen from death. But, why did God let his son be killed? Because Jesus died, he took our punishment. He was punished for our mistakes. Because of this and because he defeated death by rising from it, we don't have to be punished and we all can go to heaven after death. 
To praise Jesus in my own way, I made this little grave with Jesus rising from it. But, whatever you celebrate at easter, have fun!

17 April 2014

Building Instructions

Hooray! You are now been able to download building instructions (by LDD) from our creations! Download them at our Building Instructions page!
Have fun!


10 April 2014

Micro Winter Village

Winter. I love winter! Ice skating ,skiing and having snowball fights: great. In America, there was a great winter. Too great, in fact, and far too cold. But in the Netherlands, my country, there wasn't any snow or ice at all!
Together with Joeri, I made this micro scale winter village. Including two houses, a church, a lighthouse, a fountain with a dead tree and a market. The first image are all the buildings together. The second, third and fourth images are buildings made by Joeri, the fifth, sixth and seventh image are made by me.

7 April 2014

Get well soon Joeri!

Unfortunately, while playing basketball Joeri broke his wrist and now, his arm is in plaster. It's very hard to built things with only one hand, so no new creations made by the 'Dare Designer' will come soon. Thomas and I made this little hospital scene for Joeri (he's not really in hospital, it's just a joke). Get well soon!

Please give a +1 or leave a reaction if you want Joeri to get well soon to!

1 April 2014


As I promised at Google+, here is a creation I haven't worked on at all! Thomas and Joeri made this little restaurant from Creator 31012 Family House. Including four tables, a parasol, two menu's, a mug and a crab salad.