10 May 2014

Message No. 100: Behind the Bricks - Statics

Hello everyone and welcome to my 100th message at OurOwnCreations! I'm going to show you some statics.


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This is great guys: OurOwnCreations has 4993 pageviews since october 26th!

But I have no subscribers at OurOwnCreations yet. And almost no reactions! Don't be shy and say what you think about this website or our creations!


I've changed some thing from Dutch to English, but I've forgotten some Dutch words. So here is a small dictionary.

Dictionary Dutch-English:

Verenigde Staten - United States
Nederland - the Netherlands
Duitsland- Germany
Frankrijk - France
Verenigd Koninkrijk - United Kingdom
Canada - Canada
Polen - Poland
Australiƫ - Australia
Italiƫ - Italy
Zuid-Korea - South Korea
Opmerkingen - Reactions

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