21 June 2014

Lego Fusion: Coming this Summer

Lego Fusion is a Lego theme to be released in summer 2014. Every set contains bricks to make 2D models, and when combined with the Lego Fusion app it comes to life in a 3D video game.

21204 Town Master (August)
Including: 258 pieces, 1 minifigure

21205 Battle Towers (August) 
Including: 212 pieces

21206 Create and Race (August)
Including: 223 pieces, 1 minifigure (mechanic)

21208 Resort Designer (September)
Including: 263 pieces, 1 figure (Olivia) 

14 June 2014

Lego the Lord of the RIngs 2014 rumours

I don't know if this is real, but some rumours have appeared about Lego LOTR 2014 sets...

The Mirror of Galadriel
Containing the mirror and a statue
Minifigures: Galadriel and Frodo

Amon Hen Ambush
Containing some stairs
Minifigures: two Uruk-Hai, Boromir and Merry.

The Defence of Osgiliath
Containing a small boat and some ruins
Minifigures: two orcs, a Gondor Soldier and a Ranger

Witch King Showdown
Containing a Fell Beast
Minifigures: the Witch King, king Théoden, Eowyn and a Nazgul.

The Battle of Minas Tirith
Containing a catapult, the Citadel entrance and a small house
Minifigures: Gandalf, two Gondor Knights, 4 orcs, a troll and Pippin

3 June 2014

The winner of the Lego Cuusoo/Ideas winter review is...

Lego Ideas #008: Research Institute (based on female minifigure set)

(fan model, not the final product)

The projects which didn't pass the Lego Ideas Winter Review:

The first 2014 Lego Review results are coming late summer or early fall 2014.
- Bird Project
- Modular Apple Store
- BTFF - Jules Verne Train
- Doctor Who
- Big Bang Theory
- Doctor Who and Companions

1 June 2014

First look at Lego Minifigures series 12

A new minifigures series will be released in october 2014. All the minifigures will contain a code to unlock them at Lego Minifigures Online.
Series 14 will include:
- Space Miner
- Battle Goddess
- Wizard
- Dino Tracker
- Swashbuckler
- Jester
- Piggy Guy
- Hun Warrior
- Fairytale Princess
- Pizza Delivery Man
- Video Game Guy
- Spooky Girl
- Prospector
- Genie Girl
- Rock Star
- Lifeguard

An image with the Space Miner, the Wizard, the Dino Tracker, the Battle Goddess, the Swashbuckler and the Video Game Guy. (click to enlarge)