25 August 2014

Lego Jurassic World - Coming 2015

Next year, Lego will release Lego Jurassic World sets. There's no information or images from any sets yet, but they will follow soon...

23 August 2014

Bound - Coming 2015

Lego fan Gregory Tull (Monitogo Studios Brickfilms) is making a 50 minutes long movie called 'Bound'. It's not sponsored by Lego, but the whole movie is stop-motion. Gregory is working on this film for almost 6 years, and it's almost finished.

Watch the trailer here below.

19 August 2014

Lego Minecraft 2014 Leaked Images

Lego Minecraft sets coming this november:

21113 The Cave
Figures: Steve, Zombie, Spider

21114 The Farm
Figures: Steve, Cow, Skeleton, Sheep

21115 The First Night
Figures: Steve, Sheep, Creeper

21117 The Ender Dragon
Figures: Steve, Ender Dragon, 4 Endermen

21118 The Mine
Figures: Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider

Also coming: '21117 Creative Box', but there are no images of this set yet...

Greenpeace: Everything is not awesome...

What do you think about this Greenpeace ad? Please leave a reaction.

The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies Leaked Images

79015 Witch-King Battle
Minifigures: Elrond, Galadriel and Witch-King

79016 Attack on Lake-Town
Minifigures: Bard, Bain, Tauriel and two Orcs

79017 The Battle of the Five Armies
Minifigures: Thorin, Armoured Dwarf, Legolas, Bard, Azog, two Orcs and an Eagle

16 August 2014

Lego Movie 2015 Rumours

Other Lego sets will join 'Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack' in the 2015 Lego Movie sets wave: '70818 Double Decker Couch' and '70819 Bad Cop Car Chase'. There are no images or imformation about them, but I'm sure they will be awesome!!