4 February 2015

Lego Ideas #011 and #012 announcement

Spoiler alert, watch the video first!

So the upcoming Ideas sets are Wall-E and Doctor Who. I don't know anything about Doctor Who, but it sounds cool. When I was a kid, I loved the Wall-E movie and I'm so happy the Lego Group will make a set of one of my favourite films of my childhood!
What about the next Lego Ideas review?

Lego has also revealed the nominees for the next Lego Ideas Review, and I think it contains some good ones! The Flying Dutchman is really cool, but the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean theme has been discontinued years ago, so I think it's better to save that for a next wave of PotC sets for the 5th movie. I like the piano too (because I play the piano). The Labyrinth Marble Maze looks good! I've seen it at Lego World 2014 (in Utrecht, the Netherlands) and it is really fun to do and it contains some nice technic building techniques. The Natural History Museum looks really good and it would really add something great to the Modular series. The Goonies Inferno and the F7A Hornet are nice, but I don't think they will make it through the review. And about the Jurassic Park and Shield Helicarrier: they are good, but I dont think they're gonna make it, because of the upcoming Jurassic World theme and the official Shield Helicarrier set. My absolute favourite ist he Minas Tirith model: it's big but not too big, and it looks good compared to the movie!
For more information, check the Lego Ideas website!

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